CEE Insight ... to see inside the market ...

Following the tradition of RCA Research (est. 2000), CEE Insight is an international market research agency and call centre, focusing on telephone-operated (CATI) data collection in Central and Eastern Europe. Our integrated and centralized – but virtually local – call centres cover nearly all the countries and languages of the CEE region, exclusively by means of trained native-language speaking interviewers. Our call centres in Prague, Ostrava, Nitra and Uzhhorod are equipped with high-level IT infrastructure, allowing for on-site and off-site online supervision, fast cooperativeness, auto-dialling, listening in as well as automated digital voice recording of all interviews. The data is collected by use of well-proven software packages – SPSS and Converso Enterprise, but we can also work online on clients' platforms.

Key people of CEE Insight are members of ESOMAR, whose code of conduct we adhere to, which guarantees necessary standards and procedures of our work.

Member of TERTIUS Group, daughter of TERTIUS Holding s.r.o. Registered address: Ostrovského 253/3, Praha 5, post-code 150 00. ID 26207591, VAT ID CZ26207591. Prague City Court C/79763.


  • October 2013 Opening a new call centre in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Thanks to this expansion our capacity for Ukraine and Russian-speaking countries is growing.
  • June 2013 Thanks to the upgrade of our dialler, we can now send respondents SMS and email messages with important information. Similarly, information (e.g. a hot alert) can be passed to our client as early as during the interview.
  • July 2012 The company becomes member of TERTIUS Group and daughter of TERTIUS Holding s.r.o. More information at
  • July 2011 Establishing co-operation with the partner company PRIZMA in Zagreb to enable telephone-operated data collection in Balkan countries using the existing CEE Insight infrastructure. Shortly we shall be able to offer CATI services in as many as 17 languages of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • February 2011 The call centres get ready for interviewing in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian.
  • September 2010 The Nitra call centre is moving to better and larger premises.
  • June 2010 Boosting up the Internet connectivity and improving the quality of networking between our call centres to enable bigger volumes of calls made at a time.
  • May 2010 Romanian and Bulgarian teams have been set up.
  • May 2010 Dialler has been developed and deployed specifically for calls made from Converso and CfMC platforms. Fully automated management of recorded interviews is now possible.
  • April 2010 Most of the Prague call centre capacity is being dedicated to Russian and Ukrainian projects.
  • April 2010 Our multinational team has been extended by full-time colleagues from Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.
  • February 2010 The Ostrava call centre is substantially growing and moving to new, larger and more convenient premises. The total capacity of all our call centres is nearing 50 workstations.
  • January 2010 Most of the countries covered are called into with local-country telephone prefix, so the calls are identified as local. Therefore it is absolutely irrelevant from which location the call is made.
  • September 2009 Strategic decision has been made to open a Czech-Polish call centre in Ostrava. A small team of five Polish and bilingual interviewers is starting to work.